Homemade Wills

A homemade Will kit may be cheaper to prepare than a Will drafted by your lawyer but remember that mistakes may cost a lot more than the savings made. In addition there are dangers in preparing your own Will. If it is incorrectly signed or witnessed, it will not be valid, and in preparing your own Will you run the risk that it will not adequately deal with the distribution of your assets, in which case the beneficiaries will need to resort to costly legal proceedings.

The law relating to Wills and their administration is very specific and strictly adhered to; furthermore the Courts are very conservative when dealing with estate matters as their only guidance is the written wishes of the person who has died. If those wishes are ambiguous, or there is a problem with the execution of the will, the beneficiaries will suffer due to costs and delays as a result; more importantly, the Willmaker’s wishes do not come true.

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