Sales and Purchases of Property

For clients utilising the services of Baker MacCallum Real Estate Broker the fees will be over and above the brokerage on a sale. For information on the brokerage please go to the Real Estate division of this website.

Sale (no discharge of mortgage) $760.00 + GST $855.00 incl GST
Sale (with discharge of mortgage) $920.00 + GST $1035.00 incl GST
Purchase (no mortgage) $760.00 + GST $855.00 incl GST
Purchase (with mortgage) $1,070.00 + GST $1,203.75 incl GST
Refinancing $550.00 + GST $618.75 incl GST


  1. Those fees relate only to conveying the land from one party to the other and, if applicable, acting for you and the Bank in regard to the loan and mortgage.
  2. All the above costs assume that no problems are encountered by us or you in achieving those ends and if extra attendances are required, they will be charged for at an hourly rate of between $200.00 and $300.00 plus GST depending on the relevant factors pertaining to the transaction using the NZ Law Society guidelines as a reference.
  3. For properties valued over $300,000, the fee may increase to take into account the extra responsibility.
  4. Fees for properties valued over $300,000 will be calculated by taking a notional real estate agent’s GST exclusive commission (4% up to $300,000 and 2% thereafter) and multiplying that by a percentage depending on the particular circumstances of the transaction.
  5. See appendices II & III for a description of what amounts to usual conveyancing services.
  6. For lifestyle, rural and commercial properties there may be a further 25% loading to take into account GST, Resource Management, development expenditure, consulting with accountant and other considerations.
  7. For private sales and purchases there may be a further 25% loading to take into account drafting or checking the sale & purchase agreement, negotiating terms and arranging signing by all parties.
  8. Government, local authority and other incidental charges are additional.
  9. We undertake all searches of land titles, documents and plans by internet which means they are obtained very quickly and with good clarity. We also register an increasing number of transactions using the internet and, so as to recover some of the cost of maintaining and operating that system, charge a fee of $12 plus GST per search and $22 plus GST per document registered, over and above the government charge.

Appendice II — Purchase

Your purchase cost is calculated on the basis that the real estate agent delivers to us an agreement signed by you with a copy of the title attached. The cost relates only to conveying the land into your name and where appropriate completing the mortgage and loan arrangements. The cost assumes that no problems are encountered by us or you in achieving that transfer.

What’s covered

  • Arrange referral to our mortgage broker.
  • Supply necessary information to our broker.
  • Assumes that the deposit is paid to the Agent.
  • Advise vendors solicitor when any conditions in your agreement are fulfilled.
  • Obtain LIM unless advised otherwise and supply to you.
  • Prepare transfer and notices of sale.
  • Receive and draw mortgage and attend you on signature.
  • Collect money from you and mortgagee.
  • Guaranteed search on settlement.
  • Arrange house insurance (but not contents) with company nominated by you.
  • Attend 'settlement' of purchase.
  • Register the documents transferring title to you.
  • Report to you and your mortgagee.

What’s not covered

  • Advice on estate planning issues.
  • Drawing Agreement.
  • Negotiating terms of Agreement.
  • Negotiating variations to terms of agreement, extensions of time for fulfilment of conditions.
  • Checking easements, charges or encumbrances where necessary when they appear on the title — at your request.
  • Checking matters arising from LIM report — at your request and subsequent negotiations with vendors solicitors and others as required.
  • Disputes arising from the agreement.
  • Negotiating terms with your mortgagee.
  • Urgency — settlement under one week.
  • Work in discharging vendors mortgage, charges, encumbrances or caveats.
  • Attendances on perusing, approving or arranging tenancy where the property is purchased subject to or for purposes of rental.

Appendice III — Sale

Costed on basis of a signed agreement received by us:

What’s covered

  • Receive signed agreement.
  • Obtain title search if necessary.
  • Prepare statements and accounts.
  • Attend on settlement.
  • Repay your mortgage and obtain release from mortgagee where appropriate.
  • Cancel insurance on home (but not contents) where requested by you.
  • Forwarding payment of sale proceeds to an account selected by you.
  • Report to you.

What’s not covered

  • Drawing agreement.
  • Negotiating terms of contract.
  • Negotiating variations to terms of agreement, extensions of time for fulfilment of conditions.
  • Attending discharge or release of more than one mortgage.
  • Attending release of charges, encumbrances or caveats.
  • Attendance to fulfil requisitions made by the purchaser.
  • Disputes arising from the agreement or its terms.
  • Negotiating special terms of discharge with your mortgagee.
  • Urgency.