Selling Your Home

I will offer the usual services that real estate companies have provided in the past but with significant improvements. In my opinion, the way the traditional real estate agents have operated has not always meant that the interests of the vendor were put first.

As a seller through Baker MacCallum Real Estate Broker you will have:

  • Website
    A separate and comprehensive entry on my website which has been specifically designed to be more user-friendly than the traditional real estate sites. The entry will incorporate a photographic tour of the property and a description of its attributes. The pictures will be taken by a professional photographer, so will be artistic and complimentary to the property. They will be your Open Home on-line.
  • Newspaper
    Regular advertising of the property in the local newspaper(s).
  • Set price
    A set price for the real estate services will be agreed, at a significant discount to traditional commissions.
  • Roadside sign
    A roadside sign advertising the sale and directing enquiries (if desired).
  • Agreement
    A pre-prepared draft Agreement for Sale and Purchase, drawn up by the law office division of Baker MacCallum, for prospective buyers.
  • Vendor agent
    The services of my vendor agent to advise, liaise, organise and conduct interested buyers through at times only convenient to you.
  • Streetfront profile
    Your property featured in my high profile streetfront office on Porter Drive where there will also be computers available for buyers to look at your property and at further information on the Quotable Value, local Council and other websites.

Unlike the traditional real estate companies, I will not be asking sellers to contribute to the cost of those promotional vehicles.

I foresee the standard sale of a house through my real estate agency will proceed as follows:

  • A seller contacts my law office and is given any preliminary information sought;
  • My office directs my real estate agent to contact the seller to provide any further information, obtain all relevant details and draw up a listing authority for signing.
  • A value at which to market the property is ascertained (I recommend obtaining a valuation) and at the same time a minimum price is set.
  • My real estate agent advises on presentation of the property and preliminary steps to take to smooth the sale process.
  • My real estate agent arranges photographs and the creation of promotional material for the website, office and newspaper promotions.
  • Prospective buyers will be taken through the property at times convenient to both parties.
  • My real estate agent liaises between the seller and buyers to elicit further information and conduct preliminary negotiations.
  • My law office provides a Law Society sale agreement for the prospective buyer wanting to make an offer and includes any extra clauses. At that stage my real estate agent ceases to take any further part and the buyer takes the contract to their lawyer for checking before signing.
  • That offer then goes for checking to the seller’s lawyer (my law office if it I am acting), all of which can be done very quickly these days with email and faxing;
  • Once all terms are negotiated (assisted by my real estate agent where helpful), my real estate agent ensures the deposit is collected and, if there are no pre-conditions, is paid in full to you or your lawyer, or, if there are pre-conditions, is first paid to my trust account to be held by me as stakeholder for both sides until all pre-conditions are met.
  • Each party will liaise directly with their lawyer, as has happened in the past, to complete the conveyancing aspects of the transaction.

I will send the seller’s lawyer an invoice for the pre-agreed sale fee which will be payable only when the sale has been completed.

To read the guarantee my office gives to owners of real estate who decide to sell through Baker MacCallum Real Estate Broker, click on Home Sellers’ Protection Guarantee.

If you want to try selling your house without using a real estate agent then click here to go to my law office website to obtain some information on how to go about it.